this is my php update query ,there are 6 column including album and genere,
3 column value are already inserted in database,in this i just want to update those column value with these two album and genere value..
it's nt getting updated....

please help me....!

$con = mysql_connect("localhost","root",""); //Update hostname
mysql_select_db("video_upload", $con); //Update database name

$query="UPDATE video
							SET album = '$a' , genere = '$g' 
																	filename =$f;";
//INSERT INTO video (album,genere) VALUES ('".$a."','".$g."') where unique_id=1" ;
echo "f-----".$query;
echo "<br />";
echo $a;
echo "<br />";
echo $g;
echo "<br />";
echo $f;
echo "<br />";

echo "inserted";


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Are your $_GET variables being populated?

Have you tested the query in PHPMyAdmin with actual values to make sure it is working?

Your filename=$f has no quotes around the $f.

pixie said the error, the f needs quotes you can only use no quotes for number fields and you should get it to tell you why it's erroring it will likely give error in mysql query at point where it says filename = $f

//change $k=mysql_query($query,$con); to below
echo 'inserted';
echo 'failed->'.mysql_error($con);
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