I have recently been given the opportunity to manage websites for both the organization I have worked at for the past 13 years as the network admin and the newly acquired organization we share the building with. It is understood that I do not have experience with asp.net which both orgs websites are create din. So I have been told to find the training that I need. The problem is that everything I find is seemingly just interested in certification prep which I am not interested in. Can anyone recommend how to find reputable training that can actually help prepare me to administer two websites and hopefully with a little experience develop for those sites as well?

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You could try http://www.learnable.com - they do online courses including in asp.net. Just search at the site.

Thanks, I will take a look. But I was really looking for something in a classroom environment. I have a feeling though that most of what I am going to find is a boot camp type of training environment. I am all for online learning. I am just afraid that my responsibilities at work will get in the way of me being able to dedicate time to it.

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