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I have been give the task of converting soap services (soapui)to java. The conversion of the (client-side)soap services was made fairly simple with soupui.
I have started to build out the framework and I read in a file for the information that I want to submit for a specific service. One of the
Java guru's that I work with mentioned that the service is looking for a domain object to be passed into the service. That is where I am stuck.

Can anyone give me any hints, suggestions, comments, or whatnot...

package org.mp.dasServices.functional.tests;
 * Test Objective: This test class....
 * Will create a district and
 * a school within the district
 * sql will verify that the district
 * and the school exist in the db
 * Creation Date: 		December 5, 2011
 * Last Modified:       
 * Modified By:         
 * @author Kevin Bathalon

import java.net.URL;
import javax.xml.namespace.QName;
import org.junit.Before;
import org.junit.Test;
import org.junit.runner.RunWith;
import org.junit.runners.Parameterized;
import org.mp.common.test.testcase.BaseTestCase;
import org.mp.dasServices.common.junit.DasServiceBase;
import org.mp.dasServices.common.junit.OrgServices;
import org.mp.dasServices.organization.service.IOrganizationService;
import org.mp.dasServices.organization.service.OrganizationInfo;
import org.mp.dasServices.organization.service.OrganizationService;

public class OrganizationServiceTest extends DasServiceBase{	
	//Set Property to read the org data from a org.csv file...
	static {
		System.setProperty("dpl", "org.csv");
	//Instance level vars
	public int clientToken; 
	public String organizationalType; 
	public int clientDistrictId; 
	public String clientDistrictName; 
	public String clientSchoolName; 
	public String testName;
	public int clientSchoolId; 
	public OrganizationServiceTest(int clientToken, String organizationalType, int clientDistrictId,
			String clientDistrictName, String clientSchoolName, String testName, int clientSchoolId) throws Exception{
	this.clientToken = clientToken;
	this.organizationalType = organizationalType;
	this.clientDistrictId = clientDistrictId;
	this.clientDistrictName = clientDistrictName;
	this.clientSchoolName = clientSchoolName;
	this.testName = testName;
	this. clientSchoolId = clientSchoolId;
	//Declare and set url and qname respectively..
	private URL wsdlURL;
	private QName SERVICE_NAME;
	//Set Organization and IOrganization to null
	OrganizationService ss = null;
    IOrganizationService port = null;

	public void setup(){
		//Setup services
		ss = new OrganizationService(wsdlURL, SERVICE_NAME);
		port = ss.getWSHttpBindingIOrganizationService(); 
	public void createOrganizationTest() throws Exception {
		log.info("I am in the Create Organization...");
        // Create an organization using a Domain Object...
	    // Verify the the Org was created and retrieve all necessary info  - JDBC
	    // If the org was created, then create a school within the org
	    // else report an issue
        // Verify that the school was created within  the new org
	    // If the school was created within the Org, then create a Proctor..
	    // Verify that the Proctor was created - JDBC
	    // If the Proctor was created then create a Student
	    //else report the error and move on...
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