Dear all,

Any advice on this matter would be greatly received.

We are a web development team and have experienced so many problem with dedicated servers going down, being hacked on a public cloud and just general loss of faith in the hosting world.

We need a solution to our hosting problems that will give us a 100% uptime. What are the best ways of achieving this?

My research has led me to Private Clouds or Dedicated Server mirroring. None of us have server expertise so the solution has to be managed.

If you know any one who is a server expert or you are please help!!!

Much appreciation.

Tim :)

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The best solution would probably be to get a server in your office, I would recommend the HP MicroServer range (starting at about £100 for a small business server which should be suitable).

I would then suggest installing Ubuntu, setting it up is easy to do and there is a lot of documentation online.
Securing it shall be a bit harder but again there is a lot of documentation or you can hire someone to do it for you.
In terms of maintaining, simply installing the latest security patches and you should be good to go!

We are not really that small. We have over a hundred websites, with the largest being over 150,000 pages and traffic of over 2,000 users per day on average. With this volume and also sites being heavily linked in with adwords and pay per click advertising any down time can be very costly. Also want a server that can be mirrored in a separate location for back up purposes.

Can I also add that we also use a lot of bandwidth that most office connections couldn't handle

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