Please send me the php script of remember my password.

User Name

Remember Me

I want the password to remember when the user visits again on the site.Pls forward to my mail address at

I can't do that. It's against the rules.

@titu - requests of this nature are usually met with responses like:
"Please send me $15.00 and I will forward you the script".

This is not the way the forums work. If you have a question we can help with sorting out the problem, or give advice on possible solutions to the problem. We do not provide complete working scripts, especially when no effort is made on your part to attempt a solution before coming here.

To assist you in your quest I recommend you Google for 'persistent cookies'.

If, after you have found some explanations of how cookies work, have tried some suitable scripts and still cannot get things to work, then by all means come back, show us what you have, and we'll help you sort it out.