I'm looking for a good book about Servlets and JSP for beginners. So far, the only book I know and have read is Head First Servlets & JSP, but it's focused more on the SCWCD exam rather than the specifics on building stuff.

I'm looking for a book that has a lot of examples on building stuff. Any suggestions?

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Do you know any online resource that can help me to set up a web development server in my place, which our team can access.
>>It is unlikely you will find such document as everyone goes with tools he is more comfortable/efficient with. I have my server running on Ubuntu and use either Ubuntu desktop or Mac OS (I have MacBook Pro) to maintain it. Installation of Java is MUST (I expect you know that :) ), then you may add Ant and/or Maven, choice of Java container/server Tomcat/Jetty/JBoss App Server/GlassFish (I use Tomcat) and of course some continuous integration(CI) with Jenkins/TeamCity or such (no preference here, I used both), code quality tools either plugins in project pom that can be run on CI or something like Sonatype Sonar


Thanks a lot for telling this. I will revert back to you if I find any problem setting up the server.

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