hi hope someone can help me out how do i include a autoreferece or auto code inside my php form so each form that i submitted will have its own number or an id of some sort to track how many form have been submitted.when form is sent to email the receiver will see which the number reference or ID.

thanks hope someone can help

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explain more with what you have so far!

hi iv been googleing and got a few ideas one suggested using a flat file and add a digit (id) to start with and auto increment from that number from each form submited and each time a new form is submited write the new auto increment id to the flat file and so on.

Im looking for a simple and fast way to do it.so that I have my form data and also a variable that will submit the id along with my form data.

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DB is safer and more reliable. Autoincrement is easy with that.

Yes I know database is a lot safer but the down side to it i have to create the database create function to generate the number write it to database and again fetch it to email with my form data?

If you have a better way or simpler using DB please let me know.thanks

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id (autoincrement) | submit_id (user id)

? is that it?

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