Hello ppl, Please i have been dying to get this to work but no help what so ever, i tried so many ways and so many searches but i always reached a dead end..

I have a ReportWizard that i created, an .rdlc file, and i have a report Viewer tool in my .aspx page that i linked it to my .rdlc report, and i have a DataSet1.xsd Data Set also created, in my data set, i have put this SQL statement:

SELECT        Case_Number, Staff_FName, Staff_LName, Branch_Dept, Case_Category,  Case_Date, Closed_Date, Problem, Initial_Solution, Customer_Name, Acc_Num
FROM            SQ_IMS
WHERE        (Case_Date >= '@date1') AND (Case_Date <= '@date2')

Now if i want my user to chose 2 values from 2 textboxes in my aspx page, and then send it to the report to be generated, i guessed that i have to use parameters, and that is why i used it in my WHERE statement, the @date1 and @date2, but the problem now, is that i am stuck on what to write in my button click, please if someone can give me the code, or show me a hint of that code, in VB.NET please, i would really really apreciate it, a code to send the parameters to the ReportViewer and generate the report, because i completly dont know how to use reports and never worked on them before, i really really need it urgently, and thanx alot in advance.

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Your on the right steps , Have you got a search page where you can add the search strings and then redirect to a page with the viewer on ?

If this is the basic idea then you need to do as you have create report using wizard , add fileds with database expert.

On reportviewer page add code to populate the reportviwer with the report and then all the params ad datasource etc

Let me know if this is what you are doing and ill put some basic code together for you

no my friend i didnt get u, but let me explain my problem more clearly, now the report viewer it self is in rdlc file, then the reportviewer wizard i added it to the aspx file, and added 2 text boxes to chose the starting and ending dates, now the text boxes are in the aspx not in the rdlc, so how to send their values to the rdlc or to the report wizard?

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