Hi all,

I am using asp:UpdateProgress and asp:UpdatePanel.it works on local fine but when i upload it to live site then it is not working.

please do some needfull help.


hi all,

i found that in my whole website the ajax controls are not working.

i have uploaded ajaxcontroltoolkit.dll.

still it is not working. please do some needful.



I have the validationcalloutextender problem. some time ago the code for validationcalloutextender is working fine. but i dont what the exact problem is now it is not working.

validationcalloutextender is working perfect in local but when i am uploading it on my hosting site it is not working. i have already Ajaxcontroltoolkit.dll in my bin older.

it gives error like 'Sys is undefined' and 'ASP.net AJAX client side framework failed to load.'

i have searched a lot to find solution on net and asp.net forums but i am not getting the solution.

please do some needfull for this problem.

Thank you,


Did you follow the following link:


I think I had this problem a long time ago with Ajax2.0 or 3.5. Which version are you using? And also there are some add ons in IE those are required to run the ajax. Also please mention the browser and test it on different browser like IE, Firfox and chorome and see the result.


thanks for the reply.

these are the answers of ur questions.
1) version is 3.0.20820.0.
2) in FF page is postback when i do not input value in one of the required textbox and press enter or press submit button and in IE & chrome it does nothing.

please give me other solutions. i stucked here since last two days.i don't know why it is not working.

hi all,

i found the solution....i wrote few codes to my global.asax file and it works.

but here is the another problem arise. validationcalloutexteder is working but my chkeditor is not working now.i am using chkeditor in my project.

so basically validationcalloutcalloutexteder is working but chkeditor is not working.please do some needful.