I have a weird problem in my asp.net project.
On search page I have repeater. Inside repeater I have a link for reservation for each item.
When I come on page first time, it works well. But when I change some of options in repeaters's data source - for example chose type of car from list etc (make page postback), link for reservation doesn't work. Link is in loginview (should be seen only to logged users). When I extract it out of login view it works well.

I can do this on other way (changing link visibility in .cs file if ! IsAnonymus) but I'm wondering what is wrong here?

Thanks in advance,


without seeing code it could be absolutely anything. You need to help us out if you want us to help you.
But as a possible guess, does the link use any variables to build up its URL? Something that might not survive the page refresh and so isn't available the second time around?