I need to know where to find a tutorial on javascript assuming javascript is what I need. I want to make a dynamic website with buttons that can toggle visibility of text. Really I just need something like a link that makes a bunch of text appear then disappear but having a little more knowledge would help. I know very little about website programming although I have taken a course on website design we used dreamweaver to make all the html code for us and we just used flash to do anything 'flashy'. Any ideas on where I should begin?

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Try using this website. He has a O'Reilly CD Library.


In my opinion, O'Reilly and Lynda.com are really good to learn from.

Alas, that appears to be a link to the second edition (1997). A lot has changed since then. I used an old edition that I got really cheap until I realized it was no longer of much use--the browser world had changed too much. Then I paid real money for the 5th edition and dropped the 2nd edition in the dust bin.

Unless one must be at the bleeding edge of JS (ECMAscript), the 2006 edition is still quite relevant today, and might be found in bookstores on closeout tables. Especially if a goal is cross-browser compatibility.

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