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The most basic method would be to attach their email address to the unsubscribe url and then use $_GET at the unsubscribe page to update your database and then just display a page to them to say the have unsubscribe. Briefly:

<a href="http://www.domain.com/alert_unsubcribe.php?email={$tt}">Unsubscribe</a>

Then at the unsubscribe page:

if (isset($_GET['email']) {
mysql_query("UPDATE recipients SET subscribed=0 WHERE email={$_GET['email']} LIMIT 1");

Or delete their details if that is how you have things set up.


I made it work with a simple unsubscribe link.. but I am having a weird problem now. The keyword that I want pull up on the webpage is only showing the first word and skips all following words. Email is coming up fine. Why would this happen?


Can you give an example of what SHOULD display and what's ACTUALLY showing?

You may have to go 'Use Advanced Editor' and uncheck 'Automatically parse links in text' under Miscellaneous Options to display the urls.

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