Wordpress should be the thing to make websites fast. But I already wasted 3 hours with it not finding, why it shows a blank page.

What I did is I copied the files, even recopied the system files from fresh instalation, copied database from ftp to local server.

Changed siter url and home url in wp_options. Edited htaccess, changed directories to match my localhost directory.

Tried using empty database and then at least I see the wordpress instalation wizzard, but when back to dabatase which I copied from FTP server - the browser shows only that the link does not work :( how can that be, I am running out of ideas how to find out.

I only could install from sctach and install plugins, and yet copy the database content. But coe on, this is not the way to move site. To move site means to copy files and database and make small changes (username, password, etc. )

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Found the problem :D stupid dropbox was not finished copying all of the files, and I didn't notice and thought they were all already and copied them to htdocs dir.

Be carefull when using such things as Dropbox, otherwise you can end up having the same problems!! :)

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