I have seen lots of sites that have a series of links along the top. You put your mouse on one and a series of llinks drop down.

I don't know what this effect is called so I have had "Lots of fun" attempting to search for it. All I could find was really flashy ones that I couuld pay for.

What I want to do is have a go at making a SIMPLE one myself so that I understand how they work.

Is it Javascript or DHTML or something else?

Also, how would I go about making one?

Any pointers gratefully received


Edward :cry:

you could try suckerfish drop down menus.
but I guess you need to be familiar with the bar html to work with them.
You could just try searching google for javascript drop down menu. Putting the word free in helps too.

They are dhtml is javascript mixed with css, so yes to both.
You can have pure javascript ones, pure css ones (not much browser support) or a hybrid like the one I've linked to above.