I'm using the above tutorial to create an RSS reader. It all seems to work however I would like to be able to see the source code for the content when someone right-clicks and asks to 'view source'. I understand that the work is done server side and the feed content is echoed from within the file doing the processing but I REALLY need to have this functionality of being able to see that in the code.

Thank you in advance for any help!

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Am not quite sure what you want to see, but you can output anything as a comment. 'View source' is a browser thing, showing the page, is does not get information from the server. Can you give a short example?

Okay, maybe I didn't explain well enough. E.g. in the example given in that link when someone selects a source from the drop down menu, they are able to view the recent RSS feeds from that source. But if you click to view the source code you cannot see the feeds within the source code. I have to do an assignment where I do something like this and the teacher is only going to look at the source code by selecting 'view source code' so all the code and content needs to be visible there.

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