hi all

i have created a dynamic signature for a project i am working on
it is working fine but i would like to also pull the users avatar as well to show inside the dynamic signature.

my current dynamic code


$username = $_GET['username']; // This gets the player his name from the previous page. 

/* Next, we will make a connection to the mysql.  
If it can't connect, it'll print on the screen: Unable to select database. Be sure the databasename exists and online is. */  

/* To protect MySQL injection. */ 
$username = stripslashes($username); 
$username = mysql_real_escape_string($username); 

$query="SELECT * FROM users WHERE username='$username'"; // Gets all the information about the player. 
$i=mysql_num_rows($result); // Here we are counting how many rows this result gives us. 

/* We will now put the player's information into variables so we can use them more easily. */ 
/* DON'T FORGET: The names should be exact the same as in your mysql db.*/ 

if ($i == 1) // If the user has been correct, then it'll give us 1 row. If its 1 row, then it'll proceed with the code. 
    $username=mysql_result($result,0,"username"); // Gets the username of the player and put it in the variable $Playername. 
    //$Money=mysql_result($result,0,"Money"); // Gets the money of the player and put it in the variable $Money. 
   // $Score=mysql_result($result,0,"Score"); // Gets the score of the player and put it in the variable $Score. 

    // Creating of the .png image. 
	header('Content-Type: image/png;');  
    $im = @imagecreatefrompng('sigs/1.png') or die("Cannot select the correct image. Please contact the webmaster."); // Don't forget to put your picture there.
    $text_color = imagecolorallocate($im, 197,197,199); // RED, GREEN, BLUE --> Go to www.colorpicker.com, select a nice color. Copy the R/G/B letters provided by colorpicker and put them here. 
    $text_username = "$username"; // This gets the information about player name to be showed in the picture. 
	$text_mypoints = "Points: ".numberFormat($mypoints)."";
	$text_mypoints1 = usersrankiconlarge($id);
   // $text_score = "$Score"; // Same as above ^^ 
   // $text_money = "$Money"; // Same as above ^^ 
    $font = 'sigs/arial.ttf'; //Upload your custum font to the directory where this file is placed. Then change the name here. 
    /* USAGE OF THE imagettftext: First ($im) shouldn't be changed. (16) is the text-size. (0) is the angle of your text. Change it, and you'll see what's going on. (20) is de X-coordinate of the text. 
    (36) is the Y-coordinate of the text. */ 
    imagettftext($im, 12, 0, 160, 26, $text_color, $font, $text_username); // Prints the username in the picture.  
    imagettftext($im, 14, 10, 20, 63, $text_color, $font, $text_mypoints); // Prints the score in the picture. 
   // imagettftext($im, 16, 0, 72, 99, $text_color, $font, $text_money); // Prints the money in the picture. 
} else echo('Username is not in our database. Please try again.'); // If the username doesn't exist (so the row is 0) then it'll give en error. 



so within the image i would call a function which is "usersrankiconlarge" the function is working

but it is shoing the full image url on the dynamic sig instead of the image itself.

help would be greatful



i just needed to add:

$src = @imagecreatefrompng('locationtoimage.png');


imagecopymerge($im, $src, 287, 20, 0, 0, 75, 71, 100);