is there a way to resize an image after you have uploaded it using php? suppose i want to restrict the width and height of my images to 1000 and 800 respectively what code to i add to the following code snippet?

$tmp_file = $_FILES['file_upload']['tmp_name'];
        $target_file = basename( $_FILES['file_upload']['name'] );
        $upload_dir = IMAGE_DIR;
        if ( move_uploaded_file( $tmp_file, IMAGE_DIR . "/" . $target_file ) ) {
            $message = "File has been successfully uploaded.";
        } else {
            $error = $_FILES['file_upload']['error'];
            $message = $upload_errors[$error];       

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Depending on what you have installed, you can use the GD library or ImageMagick. You can search this forum for examples.

As pritaeas suggested, you can make sure you have the GD library and PHP5, then use the either the Simple Image class by Simon Jarvis and/or the Resize Class by Jarrod Oberto with the following kind of call:

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