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Can someone please tell me what the correct syntax for this is... I've tried everything.

parent.TopFrame.document.FormName.inputAreaName.value =(tableName.rows[1].cells[0].innerHTML).trim();

It works without the trim() function, as soon as I put it in, it throws an error and stops working.


I think what you want to trim goes inside the brackets

so something like

Javascript strings don't have a trim function, to add one you can do something like

String.prototype.trim = function ()
  return this.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/, '');

somevar = "I have a string with trailing spaces       ";
somevar_trimmed = somevar.trim(); // "I have a string with trailing spaces"

// So yours will be
parent.TopFrame.document.FormName.inputAreaName.value = tableName.rows[1].cells[0].innerHTML.trim();

Quite right, sorry had my PHP head on

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