hi,guys, i am facing on hiding the image source problem, may i know how to prevent user by using right click on image and check on the path image source location?thks for any info ya.cheers

Even if you disable right click, view source, and browser debuggers will still show the image's path.

Not sure why you want this, but you could build a showimage.php?id=xxx to show your images.

or i use source link like http://www.example.com/hash.php?id=12345, then only return the image source base on the id?Note:the id will be store together with the image source link?i had found on the internet that had people say convert the whole image to ascii format and use an redirect link to call the ascii format out, is that possible?

Both options are possible. I prefer mod_rewrite because it is faster, and does not need additional coding.

can you show me some sample on the mod_rewrite method,sorry ya,my knowledge on mod_rewrite is quite limit,thanks you very very much