Hi everybody,

i want know how make admin panel and to it news system via PHP and Mysql! Is here anybody who knows how make it, and if here is somebody who knows, then can you help me? I'll try make a website where is news about sport things what happens etc.

My idea was that i will make it just for Finland users but if here is somebody who is interested, then we can make also it on English and Finnish! Like there is admin panel and we give to some users rights to make news in Finnish, and to some other users in English. And i and you if you want make it with me, then we have just rights to put rights to users :)

I hope that here somebody who's interested about this and can help me, because this is really important for me, thanks everybody :)

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You are asking a rather broad question. I suggest that you either:
1) Be explicit about what you want others to code for you, and how much you are willing to pay (but not here, there are other places for that)


2) Just start coding your idea yourself, and when you get stuck then google the problem. If google cannot help you, then post here what you are trying to do, what you tried that did not work, and how your needs differ from the results of your google search.

Good luck with the site!


Yes, i need someone/something to help me, maybe give me a code, is it possible to find some site where is good code for it, because i tried it many times but i never find enough good code, so can you help me with it? :)

And i hope that my site works on some day :)

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It's better to use a content mangement system like (joomla or drupal) using whic we can create outstanding website with easy to use and management strategy.

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