Let me be more understanding...
I would like to create a community script with all the features I want and need.A community that allows members to use HTML.A community that allows members to have their own pages with tag boards,Personal information that they would like to put on.Photogallery,Blogs,ETC!

I want so much more but I need to know what coding and the basics of starting out when someone wants to create a script.I've been wanting this for a while now and I never knew where to go and what questions to ask.

I've been using alot of scripts like PHPBB,XMB & YABB aka SMF.They havnt met my requirements,they bore me and they're sorta out of style.Seeing that I've used them kind of scripts for yrs I would like to start learning and create one on my own.

So does anyone know any great tutorials for people who want to do such things?

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There are lots of great resources on the 'net for people looking to learn PHP. Might I suggest PHP Builder? That was the site I used when I was getting started, they have many articles in different categories that can get you thinking.

Good luck!

It sounds like you want to make another MySpace.com type site. This is a LOT of work.

I program in strait HTML and PHP with no code generators and I have recently made what you and Myspace require. I had a huge resource of code that I have already developed in the past for other projects and doing this was still a lot of work (About 3 months).

Its not like there is a tutorial out there to do this. But there are tutorials to doing its parts. You should be looking for tutorials that show you how to

Login a user
Relational Database Design
Form Design (you'll be making lots of forms)
Image upload/manipulation

These might all be different tutorials. You will need to do them, know them, and make them all work together. Pretty much, you need to be a professional website developer. If you really want to do this, you need to have much time and patience. But it will be rewarding

Thanks fisheye and Bwest

Bwest,the features and format I have in mind are to be totally different from myspace but its related but not like it.I want it to be different,and I've been wanting to do this for yrs before I knew myspace existed.So Im gonna try hard and put in time for this project but thanks for the tips and everything I'll do that for sure.

Well in any case, it sounds like your doing a large application. Your probably not going to find an already made or package that will be your perfect match (or tutorials) Do you know the basics of setting up a login for a website? I would start there. Go to this page


They have great tutorials including ones for login. You will eventually need to piece these tutorials together to solve your specific need


i want to create community

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