I am completely new to PHP.
I would like to know which are the good online resources where I can learn PHP.
What are the basic things in PHP one needs to know?

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A Daniweb forum search for php tutorials
A Google search for php tutorials


Start with w3schools. Once you get the basics, then hit PHP academy (my favorite)
PHP academy

Good luck!

Yes, I forgot to say something. Like Cleo123 said, I do emphasize on the point that you should always look up functions on the PHP website and see how they work. If you can't find a good explanation, then you've got the forum or google.

Here you've got a lot of sites to start with. Once you get the logic down, things will come smoothly. Firstly, You should do a research about the differences between POST and GET functions and what they do. They can make a big difference in your application as in the data being hidden or shown in a URL address.

Good luck.