Im new to php programming

as part of my academics, Im building an e-commerce website

can you give me some tips on how to build robust site?

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Initially, just get to grips with the basics by trying out tutorials and reading up.

Once you have those, yo make a site robust you could start looking at php frameworks; Zend, Symfony and MVC are some popular ones. Using one would make your site more secure, flexible and organised.

Also, take a look on the OWASP site, here, to have a look at the top ten risks to sites so that you can get an idea on how to prevent them.

Hope this helps!


If you're implementing 3rd party code, which I assume you'll have to, with an e-commerce system, you need to get the basics of OOP.

the basics of creating a robust, secure site would require a few hundred lines of explanation and even more code examples. Search the web. OWASP is a good site.

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