I am not a javascript coder, but I wanted to make pop windows on my webpage, without a separate window. I followed the instructions I found here:http://www.pat-burt.com/web-development/how-to-do-a-css-popup-without-opening-a-new-window/
It worked well. However, I want to make more than one popup on my webpage- I have thumbnail images that I want to popup and view in big when the user clicks on it. How do I make numerous popups? The popup is called ('PopUpDiv') I tried changing it to ('PopUpDivTwo') in all the places in the code where it says ('PopUpDiv') but it did not work smoothly.
Please have a look at my code, and what I changed. The link to my webpage is www.totalrecallsolutions.com/corporate. I am sure that I have to make changes to the js file as well, but I'm not sure exactly what... (I tried copying and pasting the existing code, and subsituting ('PopUpDivTwo') instead of ('PopUpDiv'), but that didnt work.
the js file is called popup_blanket, the style css file is called style.css.

Please help asap!! Thanks.

we don't need a link to your webpage, we need to see your code. just post it here.
also, finding help or tutorials that show you how to create popups is not that hard:
yensdesign for instance, I looked at that example when I needed to implement a number of popups in my previous project and it worked very well.
not to mention another (obvious) link:

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