I want to create an accordion catalogue component for Joomla. To get started and to learn about creating components, I went through this tutorial http://docs.joomla.org/Developing_a_Model-View-Controller_Component_-_Part_1 The Joomla Hello World tutorial.

Now I found when I finished it, it would only display one line from the database and not all of them... I thought this was a bit strange and maybe I did something wrong.. I then downloaded the files from the website and I still have the same problem. Is the tutorial meant to do this?

Here is the link with the component installed: http://www.purpleblaze.com.au/DevonSoftware/index.php?option=com_hello
I assumed it would display all items from the table.

So now I'm completely confused... I thought I'd be heading on the right track but it doesn't seem so. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a good tutorial for what I'm wanting to do?

I would like to have an accordion catalogue, displaying items that can be added/removed/copied in the backend. I would also like all items stored in the database.

Any help would be appreciated!