I would do result loop where the only exists title attribute and how to make the result of the title attribute?
This code does not work:

<script type="text/javascript">
function ppp() 
      var i=0;
        var idm='a' + i;
        var AttributeA=document.getElementById(idm).getAttributeNode("title");
        if (AttributeA) 
          document.write("number: " + i + " - " + AttributeA.value);
          document.write("<br />");
<li id="a1">1</li>
<li id="a2" title="100">2</li>
<li id="a3" title="100">3</li>
<li id="a4" title="150">4</li>
<li id="a5">5</li>
<li id="a6" title="120">6</li>
<li id="a7">7</li>
<li id="a8" title="130">8</li>
<li id="a9" title="100">9</li>
<a href="#" onclick="ppp();">click</a>

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