hi, im a newbie and im developing a system using ASP.NET programming using visual studio and SQL Server.i was tring to write my first login page, and i connected it to the database, and ran my application.but this error came out,"error while trying to run project:Unable to start debugging on the server.
The COM+ registry database detected a system error

does that mean i can't connect to my Db?coz i've tested the connection thru server explorer and it was ok. help me, help me please... :sad:

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i think the problem isnt .net
u need to check ur ms sql, isn't working well
can u connect to ur database from query analayzer.
check and tell me


hey kamila
i have read that the solution for ur problem is installing .net 1.1 service pack 1
google it to download.

tell me wht happen with u after installing it


thanks for the reply..
my sql is working well, i can access it thru query analyzer and can even connect to it when i create a windows application.

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