Hey, I'm building a website for this business, using HTML, CSS, PHP and AJAX for dynamic content. I'm trying to make a page which will display the thumbnail of each profile image, and have each thumbnail link to the corresponding profile. How exactly I can go about executing this, I'm unsure, but I did have some rough ideas... I was thinking of using a script (php?) that would create/display a thumbnail for each image in a folder/directory of the profile images, and each of the images' file names would be the person's name (.jpg) -- so the script would somehow declare a variable that reads the name/string before the file extension for each image, and then [for each image] 1) print the string as a caption, and 2) be read into the file path that the image is linked to (before the file extension), i.e.,

<a href="dir/[string].php"><img src="dir/img/[string].jpg"></a>

... so iterating through all the images in the profile images directory, that will create a thumbnail for each profile image, and simultaneously render the profile pages accessible to view. Help..?? Thank you!

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Also I eventually need to have a Schedule page which I was thinking would display a calendar of the week, with the people who will be in on whatever day of the week listed for each day, but then I need their names to automatically link to their profiles somehow (all because the boss needs to be able to manage it herself and preferably not manually add the links there). But this is not of utmost importance right now anyway... thank you

Is your profile information stored in a database ? If so, that would make looping much easier.

also, dont use the user's name as a unique identifier for your profiles nor for your pictures. use auto incremented numbers or Unique usernames.

See I know that, but the catch is I'm trying to do it without using a database because bosslady still hasn't been able to access her webhosting account/cPanel... only the ftp account.

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