Hi There! Can you please help me with this.
On the first page of my page I created a Textbox named="Student", on the second page I just $_POST its name and the value goes through the textbox and now I wanted to show it Again on the Third box, I used the $_POST method again and an error occured, UNDEFINED VARIABLE!

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write like this

                         echo $stud;

Create session or save the student in DB and retrieve it to third page

use session variable...

$student=$_POST['student'];							// 

calling in the 3rd page


should work

Yes it is using session or DB but "Undefined variable " if it is checked by !empty will not show the error.

for avoid 'undefined var....' use error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE); on every top of your page,, use session_start(); echo $_session; thats all

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