Today I was reviewing traffic for one of my websites, I found out that someone linked a jpg image into a forum, and now its getting huge bandwith I mean a lost of hits even when the image was deleted, hits I could use, is there a way for example in .htaccess to every time this image is requested to redirect to my site? I know this is like impossible but question must not remain inside.

Thanks a lot.

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You could serve up an alternative image in its place via .htaccess but you can't force a page that displays your image to redirect to your website.

@mschroeder I guess you are right. At least I will upload one of my sites banners, and name it the same :) (free ad)


I know this has been marked as solved, but I was intrigued by the concept. Could you not use a .htaccess file on your server to redirect the request for the image to an HTML, which outputs both a banner image, but also JavaScript, which changes the window location? Then if JS is disabled, you still have your banner, and if JS is enabled you get a redirect to your site.

Just a random thought. But the concept might work...


Actually I tried to do the redirect with the .jpg file to the index.php,
when I hit the jpg file within my site it works, but when I go to the site is linking
it, it does not work.

unless I try to add a pop-up or pop-under in the index.php by some parameters, maybe I will try this and post the results.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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