Dear friends,

I started a project which now needs a way to implement the other site. In fact, you should also publish the same content on the site PHP website partner. What are the odds to bring and what should I use? I tried the function (include), but this is not the happiest solution. Iframe think it also does not meet certain requirements.

Do you have any suggestions?


If you develop both sites then creating a secure web service could be the best solution. Even if you are not familiar with web services a simple json client – provider approach with a password for security could do the job. If you don’t control at all the site where the content must be extracted then you could use DOMDocument to parse the content of URL (loadHTMLFile) and then use what you want (of course in the later scenario you should have copyrights approval)

Since we create content that we should give the second site, the copyrights are in order. The only problem is the technical feasibility of the implementation of example (articles, news pieces, etc ...). So something on the principle of RSS publishing, but that does not lead to other sites but the content is specially written for this site. We are the owners of the texts and databases, they are only as our customers. I hope i gave confusing problem.

As I mentioned the logical way is to do it with web services. You are the provider , they are the client , it is exactly why web services created. Of course you should consider the security (in all solutions) , but clients application password (with one more layer that is yours and only for that app), more over SSL would be great (if you already have knowledge on that). It is not so different from this approach to do the same but not passing XML but JSON instead, that is ok if you or the client aren’t familiar with web services.

Beginning to realize the importance of web services. Does this mean that a good solution would be to buy the finished Web service, provide the necessary connections and if there is such a system over which we suggest?

You have the data , so share them with your client. Don’t buy anything, learn. All you want to do is pass data from provider to client. That’s why web services created, you as the provider will pass data (in XML format) to the client based on an agreement (wsdl). Then they can do what every they like with those data. The main key to your question is not web services but passing the data in a secure way. I told you , you can pass them with JSON with a request password and your own security layer. It is not hard … it is just data …. (and then they –the customer- can decide how to consume the service)

If i understand it: We need to create news in xml format, then sends them in JSON format to the site where it should be disclosed. I must find a way to implement them there with respect to the security that you specify. However, since my editors still have the same text written in his own panel, and by keeping the same should be immediately posted on the site ... to me a little confused, how will all this take place, i wonder why.

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