Hi friends,

I am a student of BScIT and I want a project which is to be done in ASP.NET language.

I surfed the internet but not found anything new...

So, Is there anyone who can give me good suggestion???

& also help me give some objective i.e. what the project should do???

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What year are you in and what is your skill level? They will be limiting factors in what type of project would be acceptable for you to do.
Are there topics you should include that your instructor has mentioned?


I am new to this language. We will start our project after 15 April.
I am studying in 2nd year BScIT.
We are learning language next year but project will be started now to lessen the tension
of study & project for us.
We are not given any topics, we are free to choose our topics
We also want it to complete in minimum time. We are new might take more than 2-3 months.
I just need an easy concept.
It should not be like
1) Job portal,
2) Online Banking,
3) College website, etc are already chosen by some other friends

I am thinking of
1) T.R.A.V.E.L.(Travelling Roamer Abroad Vacations for Every Location)
2) R.E.A.L.(Real Estate Agency Locator)
3) S.H.O.P.(Search Handy Products Online)
4) A.P.P.(Application Programmer's Point)

are they easy
or you can also give me idea what should I do
It must be something like this new & fresh


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