i want to learn ajax from plese tell me how can i learn ajax from begening to advanced level plz tell me

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Google for "ajax tutorials" and start there, or get a book .

Embarrassing as it is to say, I always start with the for Dummies books. They give a decent roadmap for getting started.

Do what I did. Start learning then learn a little every day for 15 years.

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I think the main questions I would ask before telling you how to learn AJAX is:

Do you know JavaScript?
Do you understand what the difference between Syncronous and Asyncornous is?
Do you know JSON and XML?

I also don't think you want to be an expert at AJAX, I think you'd really want to be an expert at JavaScript (AJAX would just be a part of it).

Head to this website and explore the different technologeis that they teach for free

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