I am very new at web site creation. I have searched on google.com trying to figure out how to create url variables.... I have not been able to figure this out.... If its infront of my face... Please still help! lol Thanks in advance!!!!

URL Variables are essentially GET variables. I myself am no expert in programming, bu I know how to explain how to access the data inside a URL simply.
If you have the url http://example.com/index.php?id=3&action=edit you can, inside your PHP code, access those url variables by simply calling $_GET['id'] and $_GET['action']. To create them, you can simply generate your own like http://example.com/index.php?custom=cool.
There are definitely other ways of passing variables to a URL, such as with forms, but I hope you get the general idea on how variables work inside the URL.

here is my issue...... I want to create a profile page for my users. I need to use a user id to make that work. As far as the Variables is there a way to
have the variables "auto" create and register with their username and user id?