Can anyone suggest any free/pay script or software of online HTML editor? I want my users to be able to create html page on my website and save to database or text file. TQ.

If you want an app to allow complete page creation and site design from scratch, there are lots of great apps available. One of my favorites is WebEdit Pro from It's relatively pricey, but very robust and professional.

If instead, you have templates or simple sites that you create for your clients, and then you want to give them the ability to edit pre-defined areas of the pages including images or even page content that you store in a databse, I developed an app named SnippetEdit. You can check it out at

The previous poster mentioned FCKeditor. I plan to incorporate FCKeditor into SnippetEdit instead of the old HTMLarea I use now. Main thing is that FCKeditor is compatible with Firefox as well as IE. FCKeditor is not really a standalone product. Rather it is an excellent component you can use to build a page/site editor.

Thanks :mrgreen:! The TinyMCE should meet what I want but unfortunately doesn't support Firefox (works well on IE). Previously I also found a few written in ASP.NET but my server do not support.

FCKeditor looks good, but it allow user to browse into the server when accessing files/images, which may be a security breach. I will download it and do some mod if possible.

Any other WYSIWYG online editors written in PHP or javascript? Anything as simple as one used in ebay listing would be great (require very little learning by users).

Yeah, if you are familiar with PHP scripting, and you want something like the rich text editors you see at eBay and at many forums, including daniweb, FCKeditor is an excellent choice. Download it (it is free), and check out the PHP samples. You can customize the toolbar icons to remove things you don't want. The way it comes is WAY too many features for common purposes (in my opinion). You should be able to script together a simple page editor in no time.

Maybe you can post your code to the Code snippets section of Daniweb when you work out your solution. :)

I just took a look at TinyMCE. VERY nice.

TinyMCE support Firefox

When I tried to insert image or add link, it don't appear to work... may be is my browser setting or firewall :eek:.
Would definately try FCKeditor.

My first guess is that your browser is simply blocking the popup windows. In TinyMCE, when you click to add a link or image, see if you notice a yellowish bar at the top of your browser window indicating popups are blocked. This happened to me. I thought, "this thing doesn't work", then allowed popups and walla, it works.