I'm doing an online store for one of my Computer Science classes and I have a little problem with the registration form. Somehow, the password field automatically fills itself with the password 'mypassword' and I don't understand why. At first I didn't know what the password was because it's obviously masked, so I registered in my page using the form and when I took a look in the database, in the password column it said 'mypassword'. I really didn't know if this is a problem with the database or a problem in the php coding so that's why I posted it here. Hope someone can help me.

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It will be printing out a default value of "mypassword" or your browser has a autofill saved for that page with mypassword in it

Find the code for the password field and see if it says value="mypassword" If it does, then delete this part of code to fix the issue. If not, please post the code for your form.

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