Hi everyone,

I recently transferred my host from other host provider to blue host. In my code there is logic, when user updates property (Basically, its a real estate website) then, it creates/write xml file in media/xmlfeeds folder. Earlier, on previous host it was working absolutely fine but, after transfer it's not working. I tested same folder on localhost, it's working fine but, on live server its not writing/creating xml file when user updates property. Kindly, help me.

Thanks in advance..

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I had some problems in the past with Bluehost's permissions. You might try playing around with those on the files/folder in question.


Run a phpinfo() , and look for your server's API value. If it says, apache module or anything referring to apache, CHMOD the directory where the written files are saved to 0777 or 777. If the server's API says CGI or fast CGI, CHMOD it to 0755 or 755. If the CHMOD 077 or 777 is used, try searching on how to protect your directory in .htaccess file, so that only your script can write to it.


I got the solution. It just because bluehost doesn't supports multiple join which is something weird. Hence, its not fulfilling the condition that's why its not writing xml file.


Finally, I'm transferring my website from bluehost to some other server. Let's hope for the best.

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