I am trying to copy a directory from one spot on my server to another spot on my server. I have copied the directory successfully, but suppose I delete a file in the "parent" directory. I want the "child" directory to be exactly the same as the parent directory. I have thought of one way I could do it: I could simply delete the child directory and then copy the new directory all over again and that would work. Here is the problem: I could be hosting upwards of 300,000 files at roughly 30MB each. I don't want to delete and copy all of that. It would take FOREVER! So what are some suggestions that you guys (or girls) may have? It is a large project so I can't afford to do it sloppy.


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Not sure if it's possible/works but i wonder if you can make the child directory a shortcut to the parent?


childfolder/file1.pdf -> parentfolder/file1.pdf

or is this backup related?

Another idea could be to get a program that will sync 2 folders so they match, a quick google search brought up this Directory sync

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