Hi all,
Have a nice day..
I want to know that way to backup our SQL data from server.
Any suggestion for me?

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The best way is to log-in to your cpanel and then go to phpMyAdmin, on the top menu click "export", on the export method option, select sql click go, at the prompt confirm the download. Save your sql backup file on your desktop.

Prgrammatically, don't even bother it is just too slow. I don't know, maybe someone have a faster way of creating back up by way of php that is fast enough for me to get excited.

Tq for reply.. what about if our server problem? is it will automatically backup my data?

Server problems, it will be in the hands of your hosting company. Let's just hope they are doing a daily back-up. Otherwise, let's just cross our fingers, and hope that all the data are still there upon recovery. If you are running your own server, the data is located in mysql/data directory. I am not sure how it would look like in linux... let me run my linux box and see..

I usually do my backups through a cron job calling mysqldump. Another automated FTP download on my desktop will retrieve it.

owhh...hurm..thanks yaa..it just before disaster...wanna backup everythings. Thank you for your reply.

before this I though we can do data backup automatically..


I am so happy for you.. It is always a good habit to back up database. For people who are just lazy doing it on phpmyadmin panel. You can also do this behind the putty terminal. Assuming that your hosting account has a root access with it or the account is allowed to access through SSH terminal like putty.

Run putty.exe for windows and accessories->terminal on linux. On the terminal prompt type

mysqldump --opt -u DatabaseUsername -p DatabaseName > dataBaseName_dump.dump

Give your server an ample time to execute the command, and then open your FTP program like the filezilla. Connect to your site and look for the dataBaseName_dump.dump, download this dump file to your desktop. For linux distros like ubuntu or Zorin Os, this can be done by just opening the terminal and then run the following command

sudo -s 

System will ask for your password, type password and then type


Then to download the file from your site type

wget http://YourDomainDotCom/dataDaseName_dump.dump

That's pretty much it.. good luck on making back up and linuxing .. :)

Dear experties,

Wow! so appreciate for your tips..Then later I will try this way.. Before this I just do the back up by export the data from phpMyAdmin.
Thank you so much for your tips.. :)

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