Hey guys, My name is Dane and I am an 18 year old I.T Apprentice based in Blackpool. Our I.T manager has gone on holiday and I have had a call giving a deadline on getting a form on our intranet working, I look and it is all ColdFusion! I have never seen it before, so I go into panic mode and I start learning the language as fast as possible. I have experience with HTML and CSS but never any scripting languages :( I am doing my best but I need some help, some noob help in noob speak because the internet is flooded with un useful ColdFusion help that just jabbers on about this and that without explaining what is going on. What it is, is a form that has a box where an order number would be in putted and the fields underneath it would be auto populated based on that number(address ect..) The data is being pulled from an SQL database and my manager has already set up a Datasource in the admin panel.

I now have a strange issue! When I run the page the drop down box I am trying to populate from the database consists of blank spaces instead of order numbers, there are a correct amount of spaces, just no order numbers. Here's a picture! Nearly there now! http://tinypic.com/r/347wkrt/5

I would really appreciate any help that you can give!

Here is my query:

<cfquery name="gporder" datasource="GreatPlains1">
SELECT expr1 from PCRO.dbo.sopview

Here is the dropdown list code:

<SELECT NAME="expr1">
<OPTION>Choose an Order Number</OPTION>
<CFOUTPUT QUERY="gporder">
<OPTION VALUE="#expr1#">#expr1#</OPTION>


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The 1st option should have a VALUE too, ie <option value="0">Choose an order number</option>

But other than that it looks ok.
1) Is that the exact code used?
2) Maybe one of the query values is causing a problem. Do some debugging and ump the query values. Can you post a screen shot?

ie Just before your select list add:

<cfdump var="#gporder#" label="The query contents">

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