hi everyone ,
write now i have a with data which i want show the in tabular format like
my query gives output like

Name Location Rate
 AA    A1      56 
 AA    A2      27
 AA    A3      67
 AB    A1      56 
 AB    A2      27
 AB    A3      67
 BB    A1      45
 BB    A2      55
 BB    A3      45
 CC    A1      34
 and so on

 now i want to show this data into a Row columnwise

 Name/location      A1      A2     A3
 AA                 56      27     67
 AB                 56      27     67
 BB                 45      55     45
 CC                 34      --     --

so how to show this type of data in wichi control.

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