I want the user to type in his a user name and depending if it is taken on not i want the code to tell if it is available or not without submitting.

You guys must have noticed how google populates the search results without even submitting your query, i was wondering what coding are they using?

I've been using ajax for this but ajax for some reason keep on flickering and refreshing the data and if it is a lot of data it will refresh for atleaste 10-15 seconds before stabalizing. is there a away around using ajax?

They are using ajax and other libraries.. Read more about this here.

For the username availability checker,, normally this is written in jquery and php try this tutorial

For ajax sample without page reload on click... check out my demo . You can view the source of the page and copy it at your own convinience.

thank you, I'll read up on these links and may get back for more questions.