i want to give sms sending service through my website
plz tell me how to send sms through php
tell me in detail

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You need to take SMS pack & api for sending SMS from SMS provider.

tell me in detail

it is not posdsible for any one to set a program on his thread , you have to contact profeshnal developer

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This forum is predominantly used to help users with their code or algorithms. The work you require doesn't fall under the forum's remit. If you find some scripts or an API and get stuck on a php-based aspect, by all means post your question.

You can find a lot of info here

you have to use sms gateway or you can take help of a professional web developer

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The more and more you see and read about how other websites are using SMS, the more and more you begin to wonder why you're not. So I'll show you how (in PHP, because it's the only language i know!). Although it is possible to send SMS via e-mail, which I might cover another time.

I use Ozeki NG SMS Gateway for my website, and it's been working great. I found it on this website.

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