I am trying to install a php script on a windows system using XAMPP,

but before installing it ,I have to configure the script accordng to my xampp configuration

this is what the scripts config file wants:

// Begin Configuration

$config['basedir'] = 'C:\xampp\htdocs\myscript\';
$config['baseurl'] = 'http://127.0.01/myscript';

$DBTYPE = 'mysql';
$DBHOST = 'localhost';
$DBUSER = 'root';
$DBPASSWORD = 'root';
$DBNAME = 'myscript';

// End Configuration

Now my problem is when i am setting the above config it showing me error,

someone please tell me that what i have to specify in basedir & baseurl

what error are you getting.i dont use xampp but i use wamp and as i recall that phpmy admin password by default is set to none so you leave it blank that is if youre getting a db connection error.try http://localhost/ as base url insead of

thankyou eltonpiko : evrything working fine except the "basedir", and there is no problem when i use thpassword in xampp, i changed the to localhost, the only problem i am getting is the basedir(where the script resides)

hey breakzzzz20 : i can't get you can u please explain what is appserv