Hi all,

I am in need of assistance.
I am trying to configure PEAR with XAMPP 1.8.0 on Win 7 64Bit.

I download the go-pear.phar (http://pear.php.net/manual/en/installation.getting.php) and ran the instructions.
Updated my env path. All looked ok.

Tried to run pear help and i get nothing, no error, not a snip.

Uninstalled XAMPP, ran CCleaner, rebooted, removed and env path that was changed. Rebooted.

Reinstalled XAMPP, rebooted (see where this is going?), redownloaded go-pear.phar.

Reran it, rebooted, re ran pear help still nothing

I have tried this in different combinations, and cannot for the life of me see what i am doing wrong.

I have had PEAR configured and working before, i had to rebuild my OS so i lost it a while back.

Can anyone help out?

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XAMPP site have anything to say about it?

XAMPP site have anything to say about it?
Alas no.

I have done a lot of searching via google, but nothing has fixed the issue

Anyone help?


Cannot run the install of PEAR when Apache and MySQL are installed as service.

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