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I have strong feelings that is because of the SQL Queries. So here's my code:

I don't see anything wrong with the query.

But I do see this $clean_url[2] as an issue.

I don't see this often using a htaccess file to store a code so query can SELECT the value from it.

There are 2 things that might not be working:

1) is your database is connected to the htaccess file
2) is your htaccess file is in the same folder with this query file.

This is by far the most iffy/weird post I seen and read, the reason is using the htaccess file to store a value and used a query to fetch the data from htaccess?

This is my point of view and answer to your image gallery issue.


Hi, i'm creating a image gallery, using .htaccess. And this is my first time i work with .htaccess

Simple, you cannot use .htaccess for this. You cannot execute code in that manner.

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