Say I have a website with a form. The user would fill out a review about my company in my form. When the user presses submit, the data from the form on MY website then gets sent to an external review website like Google Places and gets submitted there.

Is something like this possible? Some barriers I see is that the form on my site would have to have the same number of fields with the same properties as the form on Google Places. The biggest barrier is the fact that a Google Places account needs to be made in order to have data get sent there. Can the script somehow make the account automatically? I'm very new at coding and would appreciate any help. Thans guys.

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I believe what you are talking about is possible, although I have not worked with Google Places specifically before.

To get the form to post to an external website, you need to specify the URL in the forms action property (see more info here more info here ).

To my understanding (and this is purely conjecture) if a user is signed in with a Google account in their browser already, it may sign them in automatically. Alternately it may take the user to a page where they can login or sign up and still keep the post data.

I would suggest checking out the Google Places API and see if they have provided an interface or script code to do what you want already.

I doubt google places has been setup to recieve auto form submission data from external websites, you could get the data from them then fill it in yourself - its not ideal though cause these reviews will all come from the same ip which is a common check on reviews for being genuine.

You can use curl to submit POST and GET data, it's not too simple setup though if you havnt used php much before, curl can basically imitate a user using his browser so you could recieve the form data then get curl to format the data correctly then post it to another page - on Google places though i imagine they have stopped this being possible as they don't want any kind of automated review posting going on.

I would just get users to enter their reviews onto google places then get the data out for your own use using the google places api

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