I need beta testers for my new project management system. It is not your typical pm, but it is a simple and lightweight system with social skills. It you are willing to download and test it out thoroughly, please visit: http://projectpress.org/messages

Any help with any aspect of testing is greatly appreciated.

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After you install it. What then? The readme.txt states change js script. OK. But how do you start a new project?

If you visit the projects link, there should be an add project button to the top. If you don't see it or there is an error, please let me know. A team of IT professionals can create projects to separate them from the regular forums and collab feed. The collab feed can be used for tasks, notes, etc. Also, on the profile tab, there is a place for private notes. When a project is created, there will be a few tabs available, such as forum tabs for a project, email tab to email those that are part of the project, a list of members who are part of the project, and the ability to join or leave a project. This not the typical PM and can be used for anything.

There is a plugin and hook system, but I am not looking for anyone to really get that deep beyond activating and deactivating the plugin that is there. There is also a mu-plugins directory where you can add a plugin to override a filter or load automatically.

Also, I should mention that the activate account and forget password pages have not been redesigned yet, but they should work nonetheless. Also, when someone posts a wall comment or forum reply, you should receive an email, however this hasn't been implement into the projects forums yet.

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That's just the point. When I go to index page, I just get the installer again.

Can you tell me if the broken.index.php and config.inc.php file exists? At the end of the install there are two options, to delete the config and start over in case you realize you did something wrong, or delete the installer to finish the installation.

Ok, so I need to release a beta 3. After the install is complete, you should go to the following url depending where you installed it: http://example.com/projectpress/pm-logout.php

Then it will redirect you to the login page and you should be able to login. I changed the cookies filter and it is not working as expected, so it you are redirected to the index page but shows as if you are logged in, then that is the cookie issue I going to fix.

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Aha! Forgot the delete option! Misread it - thought it was delete the whole thing. Must be getting fuzzy in my old age!

Anyhow, I get this now:

Notice: Undefined index: userID in C:\xampp\htdocs\ysgol\pp-3.0beta2\classes\class.pmdb.php on line 306
ben [this is my username]
[blank textbox here]

Notice: Undefined index: username in C:\xampp\htdocs\ysgol\pp-3.0beta2\pm-includes\header.php on line 79

Notice: Undefined index: username in C:\xampp\htdocs\ysgol\pp-3.0beta2\pm-includes\header.php on line 79

I checked the DB and all seems OK, although nothing in md5_id data although I entered a password.

You know, it is just one of those things that the eyes can't make it out sometimes. It happens to me quite often and it has nothing to do with age. The md5_id is new (it has more to do with account activation), and I didn't even think of whether that needs to be added for the admin account. I don't think it will interfere with resetting passwords, although I should check to make sure. Thanks for the error messages, I will check it out. Also, beta3 is available which fixes the session issue for the main page. Basically these are the only files that change pp-3.0beta3/index.php, pp-3.0beta3/pm-includes/functions.php, and pp-3.0beta3/pm-includes/functions-filters.php Thanks again for testing.


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OK, da nada.

Ok, for those of you who are still interested in testing, I've released beta 4. All files in this version have been updated because there was an issue with viewing a page when not logged in because headers were called before the is user logged in check. This should now be fixed as well as not being able to view the root of the uploads folder for a project whether your are logged in or not. Thanks again for your help.


Ok, I just released RC1 for testing after a plethora of fixes and the replacement of md5 with PHPass with backwards compatiblity. If you are not interested in downloading the software for testing, I've also installed an online test system where you can test everything including some admin functions. Test and let me know if you find any bugs or issues. Thank you.

Downloads: http://projectpress.org/messages/projectpress-3-0-rc1

Online Test System: http://projectpress.org/devel/