Hi guys,

Let's see if you can give some advice.
I'm looking for a pageflip service (it can (and should) be a paid service) that let me have in my own website BO the actual PDF upload option and do the pageflip conversion. Does anyone knows such service? Or as an alternative, with some kind of api.
I've check over 15 page flippers, but the only let mt do the conversion in their own website or with some kind of desktop app.

Any help? Please?


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Is this for PHP?

Yep... it's for a PHP website and I'm looking for a PHP solution :)

There seem to be some PHP facilities for this. One example is:

Don't know if this will meet your needs but there are probably some other similar options.

A desktop PDF page flip software for your reference, you can use Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro, it can help you convert PDF to page flip publication on your own computer, and you can also uplaod the whole output folder to your website, so others can browse the content on your website with page flip effect.