am total newbie to programming, apart from knowing SQL, the thing is i have been given a MYSQL database containing various information about kids diseases and a web interface written in php to create reports from the database that can be accessed via the interface. there are almost 25 different variables that need to be computed in the report, i have written sql queries to compute all these values, but i don't know anything about PHP, if i have all these queries isn't there a way for me to combine all these sql queries to be display results on a webpage and come up with this report without writing PHP code?

Thanks for your help

very sorry if this is too basic

You need something between your queries, and the output on your webpage. It doesn't have to be PHP, but you do need some scripting. I'm sure there are tools available to make this easier, but you'd still have to install something.

Thanks pritaeas,

any suggestion that "something" to install to make it easier?


the results needs to be displayed in a formatted table. any ideas?

Thanks for the link to the grid

The grid allows formatting. What do you mean by a formatted table, can you show an example? Is it something the grid can't handle?

the way this report is, is that it has almost 25 different values which are computed separately using 25 different sql queries. The results from these queries is what needs to be displayed to the web user. i have attached a document to show the format of the table.

Although it's probably possible if your query will partially preformat the results, it looks like you are more in need of a reporting engine. Difficult to say what's right here. I advise to do some research into both options, and pro/con each for yourself.

THanks let me try to look around for the engines

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